Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan Still Alive in Our Hearts

Nazia Hassan, who opened her eyes in Karachi on April 3, 1965, was an example of beauty, talent, and fame. With an unparalleled talent, she was overwhelmed at an early age. Nazia Hassan started her artistic career at the age of 15 by singing in the program “Sang Sang Chale” of Pakistan Television. Nazia Hassan, […]

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Top PUBG players

Top 10 Pakistani PUBG players

Pakistanis are a young nation. The average age of Pakistanis is less than 30 years of age. This is the reason that they adopt new technologies really very soon. This is the reason that the E Gaming industry is established in Pakistan with amazing speed.  Not only young and teenage people are attracted to E […]

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esports Pakistan

Esports Pakistan

Smartphones have played a key role in making the esports industry one of the world’s largest entertainment industries in the last few years. Who would have thought that people who play games by putting a two rupee coin in the consoles running on video game shops in the streets of Pakistan will earn millions of […]

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Imran khan Biography

Biography of Imran khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief – now the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan – Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi was born on October 5, 1952, to a wealthy Pashtun family in Mianwali, Punjab. Later, his family settled in Lahore, where he spent most of his youth. Exact date of birth of Imran Khan There is no written […]

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sports in Pakistan

Sports in Pakistan

There are many traditional sports in Pakistan which have international status but there are also some sports which are becoming rare. Gali Danda is a boys’ game in Pakistan. An open field is required for this game. However, there is no restriction on the number of players. At least two people can play. For a […]

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Top 10 Heroes of Pakistan Every Pakistani Must Know About

Heroes of Pakistan-That Every Pakistani Must Know

A person who holds exceptional qualities is called a hero. He has the courage and ability to reshape and build his country’s destiny and future. We have many heroes in our remarkable history. We have many great heroes in Pakistan but our national hero in history is Quaid- e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He is […]

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Jahan Ara

Jahan Ara The Richest Princess

Very few names of women have come to light during the Mughal rule, including Gulbadin Begum, Noor Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal, Jahan Ara, Roshan Ara, and Zeb Al-Nisa.  Two of them, namely Noor Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, were the queens and the status of the rest should not be equal to that of Ara, because no […]

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Nawab akbar khan bugti

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

Nawab akbar khan bugti, Nawab Mehrab khan bugti ky bety thy. Ap 1931 mein paida hue thy aur jab wo sirf 12 saal ky thy toh inky walid kaa intaqal hogya. Inho ny apni ibtadayi taleem Karachi se hasil ki aur cambridge atchison lahore se hasil ki. Wo aala taleem ky liye beroony mulk chaly […]

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Abida parveen1

Abida Parveen-Biography in Urdu

Abida Parveen 1954 mein Pakistan, Sindh, Ky shehar Larkana mein muhalla “Ali goharabad” mein paida hue. Jo ky apni maqbool musalman dufi Safaqat k liye jana jata he. Wo sufi arfana aur gulukaaron ki ek lambi line se taluq rakhti hein. Inky walid Ustad ghulam Haider ek mashahoor sufi gulukaar hein, jinho ny apni hee […]

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Amjad sabri

Amjad Sabri-Biography in Urdu

Amjad sabri ek khush mizaaj, shaista or Qabil fankar thy. Saari zindagi ap ny “hamd”, “naat” or “manqabat” parhi, Allah ky Rasool ka naam liya or istaraha shohrat hasil ki. Amjad sabri  23 december 1970 ko Karachi k ilaaiqy Liaqatabad ky Qawal mohalla mein paida hue. Ap ny 9 saal ki umar mein apny walid […]

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