Mirza Ghalib History In Urdu

Mirza Asadulallah Khan Ghalib was born on 27th December 1797 in Agrah. He was a great poet. Ghalib lived a very difficult life. Ghalib give a new life to urdu language and till now Ghalib is famous in youngsters, ladies and in elders. Ghalib portray all the human felling in his poetry and that is […]

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Hafeez Jullandhuri

Abu Al Asar Hafeez Jullandhuri was born on 14 January 1900 in Jalandhar. He was a great Pakistani Peot. Hafeez Jullandhuri wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan. Hafeez Jullandhuri wrote many patriotic songs. Hafeez Jullundhri was a student of Poet Maulana Ghulam Qadir Bilgrami. Hafeez Jullandhuri poetry generally deals with romantic, religious, patriotic and natural […]

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